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Sunrise (film) Summary
Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau

Everything you need to understand or teach Sunrise (film) by Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau.

  • Sunrise: A Story of Two Humans Summary & Study Guide

Sunrise: A Story of Two Humans Summary

Summary and Analysis

"This song of the Man and his Wife is of no place and every place...(everywhere) life is much the same: sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet." The film begins during summer vacation time.

We see the picture of a train moving through a city. As the train continues on to the country, we also see ships and many different types of people. On a dock, some fashionable people wave to family and friends on a boat. The Woman of the City arrives for a country vacation.

Next we see the Woman enter a room and begin to fix her hair. She changes her clothes while people in the other room eat dinner. Another woman shines the Woman of the City's shoes. Then the Woman leaves and walks through the streets.

She stops by the Man's window and he walks toward her as...

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Study Pack

The Sunrise (film) Study Pack contains about 20 pages of study material in 2 products, including:

Sunrise Film Summary

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