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Studies in the Park Summary
Anita Desai

Everything you need to understand or teach Studies in the Park by Anita Desai.

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Studies in the Park Summary


Anita Desai is widely recognized as one of India's leading English-language fiction writers. Her short story "Studies in the Park" was first published in 1978, in her collection Games at Twilight.

The story is told from the point of view of Suno, a young man whose family is continually pressuring him to study for a major exam which will determine his future educational track. But all of the members of his family—his mother, father, and uncle, as well as his brothers and sisters—make so much noise and interrupt him so frequently that he is unable to concentrates on his studies. In exasperation, Suno leaves his house to study at a cafe; but even the cafe is not without noise and interruptions. Finally, Suno discovers that many young men like himself study in the park near his house, and he too begins to study there every day. One day...

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