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Strong Horse Tea Summary
Alice Walker

Everything you need to understand or teach Strong Horse Tea by Alice Walker.

  • Strong Horse Tea Summary & Study Guide

Strong Horse Tea Summary


Rannie Toomer

A young, unmarried black girl. She is not pretty or smart and her baby is all she has in the world. Rannie has faith that her white mailman will send the white doctor to help her sick baby. She has faith in white medicine and no faith in Sarah's black magic or home remedies, but she changes her mind when she realizes the doctor is not coming, and believes wholeheartedly that Sarah's methods can save her baby, because she is desperate for her baby to live.


An old neighbor lady with the reputation of knowing how magic came about and of performing magic herself. She is well-versed in home remedies to aid people who are sick. She is the nearest thing to a "doctor" that the black community has. Sarah has no faith or trust in white people.


A white mailman who ignores Rannie's pleas...

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