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Sticks and Bones Summary
David Rabe

Everything you need to understand or teach Sticks and Bones by David Rabe.

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Sticks and Bones Summary


Sticks and Bones is one of several plays playwright David Rabe wrote about the Vietnam War and its effect on those who fought in it. In this play, a black comedy/drama, Rabe focuses on David, a physically blind veteran who has returned home to his morally blind family. He is alienated from them because he has changed and they cannot understand or accept him and what he has experienced. The tensions surrounding David reveal problems with each member of the family. Rabe emphasizes the denial common to many Americans who were stateside during the war by parodying an archetypical American family Some of the characters' names come from a popular television sitcom family of the 1950s and 1960s, The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet Rabe uses many varied writing styles, ideas, and symbols in the play. Critics were divided over the play, Rabe's writing, and its effectiveness.


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