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Steroids OFFICIAL NAMES: Anabolic-androgenic steroids, ergogenic drugs STREET NAMES: Rhoids, juice, gear, stuff, junk, and ragers, D-bol or D-ball (Dianabol); Depo-T (Depo-Testosterone); test or t (te... Read more
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Steroids Steroids are a type of lipid characterized by a seventeen carbon atom fused ring structure. This structure has four interconnected rings and a variety of functional groups attached depending ... Read more
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Steroids Steroids are any one of a large number of compounds that are related to sterols. Steroids include bile acids, D vitamins, certain hormones, and certain carcinogenic substances. Sterols are al... Read more
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Steroids What Kind of Drug Is It? Steroids are drugs that mimic the actions of testosterone (tess-TOS-tuhr-own), a HORMONE found in greater quantities in males than in females. Testosterone is respons... Read more
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