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Americans have a tendency to look at life in a generalization. Some examples of generalized statements we make would be: "You're like that group." or "That is what they all do." We have become so p... Read more
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Stereotyping goes on everyday at High School more then most students might notice. Students stereotype by pre-judging or basing on little knowledge of what they know about the their fellow students... Read more
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Stereotypes and generalizations are almost codependents of a society. Bigotry, biases and prejudice views are all somewhat attributed to stereotypic values. Even though these kinds of opinions may hav... Read more
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Stereotyping plays a large role in our society. One can not help from stereotyping others. Every time we open the newspaper or watch the news we see stereotypes. Safety is a key reason why we must hav... Read more
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Media stereotypes are to be expected, especially in the entertainment, news industries and advertising, which need as wide an audience as possible to quickly understand information. Stereotypes are qu... Read more
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Images are all around us, and while some are helpful many can destroy the image that is our existence. These negative images are projected at us through media, and the media is all around us, making i... Read more