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State of Wonder Summary
Ann Patchett

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State of Wonder Summary

Plot Summary

'State of Wonder' is an imaginative tale of mystery, morals, ethics, and the delicate balance that can exist within the world, both within a single ecosystem and within ourselves. Marina Singh, a doctor, is sent into the Amazon jungle to investigate the death of her coworker, and to check the progress of an ongoing research study, conducted by a mentor of hers, Dr. Swenson. However, Marina finds instead a puzzle in ethics, morality, and humanity that forces her to rethink her own positions in life and asks readers to do the same.

'State of Wonder' is the story of a woman, Marina Singh, on a journey to find a coworker, who through her efforts manages to find herself as well. Marina is a doctor, working as a pharmacologist in a lab for Vogel in Minnesota. Her coworker, send months ago into the Brazilian jungle to check on a...

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