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Starters Summary
Lissa Price

Everything you need to understand or teach Starters by Lissa Price.

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Starters Summary

Plot Summary

Starters by Lissa Price is a fictional story that examines both the heavy cost of war, and our pursuit of youth at any cost. A world war is the catalyst that creates a gulf in the ages of its survivors. A war waged using the smallest of spores kills all of the middle aged population, leaving only the children and their grandparents behind. A law passed earlier forbids minors from employment and this law will make their survival a challenge at best. Children without the benefit of grandparents are rounded up by Marshals and placed in homes or work camps, while those who escape the Marshal's clutches live hand to mouth, sleeping in abandoned buildings and doing whatever is necessary to survive.

Callie and her younger brother Tyler are two such children. When their mother first becomes sick, they take her to an infirmary where she dies just...

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