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St. Anselm: Basic Writings Summary
St. Anselm

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St. Anselm: Basic Writings Summary

Plot Summary

St. Anselm of Canterbury (1033 - 1109) is one of the most important philosophers in history, and among the five most prominent medieval philosophers, which also include (at least) St. Augustine, Duns Scotus, St. Thomas Aquinas and William of Ockham. Anselm's Basic Writings is a book which purports to prove the most basic doctrines of Christianity - the God exists, that He is a Trinity, that He is omnibenevolent, omniscient and omnipotent, that He sent His son Jesus Christ to die for the sins of humanity and thereby reconcile fallen humanity to eternal life in God's Kingdom. Anselm wrote several books on these matters and the most important three are reproduced here.

Anselm first wrote the Monologium (also known as Monologion) in order to prove not only the God exists, but that He has all the properties Christians attribute to Him, in particular that He is a trinity. The argument...

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