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Sports, World War I Although sports and military preparedness have been intertwined throughout human history, armed combat between 1914 and 1919 made federally financed sports and athletics central co... Read more
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Sports, World War II The relationship between sports and the American armed forces reached a climax during World War II. The military broadened its athletic regimen, established during World War I, an... Read more
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Have Technological Advances in Sports Such as Tennis, Golf, and Track and Field Supplanted the Athletic Achievements of the Participants in Those Sports? Viewpoint: Yes, advanced technology in sports ... Read more
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Sport People in all cultures have always engaged in playful physical activities and used human movement as part of their everyday routines and collective rituals (Huizinga 1955). The first examples of... Read more
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Sports Ethical issues related to science and technology in sports only began to attract critical attention during the second half of the twentieth century. This paralleled the increasing scientific st... Read more
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Sports Games and individual activities involving physical skills. A child will have many opportunities to participate in sports throughout his or her developing years and into adolescence. The level o... Read more
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AMERICANS LOVE SPORTS and hail athletic achievement. They admire the strength of a boxer like Riddick Bowe, marvel at the speed of a football player like Deion Sanders, treasure the grace of a basketb... Read more