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Spirit Bound Summary
Richelle Mead

Everything you need to understand or teach Spirit Bound by Richelle Mead.

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Spirit Bound Summary

Plot Summary

Rose Hathaway is a half-vampire, half-human species of humanity known as a Dhampir. As part of a complex part of a secret, hidden society of vampires who co-exist with humans unbeknownst to the latter, Rose trains to become a Royal Moroi Guardian. Guardians are body guards highly-skilled in martial arts and other mystical techniques such as fire-casting and mental control. Their sacred mission for centuries unbroken has been to protect the fragile, pacifist Moroi vampires who form the upper class in hidden vampire society. In turn, the Moroi rule over a society that equally protects the interests of the Dhampir class, who are dependent on the Moroi in order to sustain their existence.

While the Moroi are vampires, they do not prey on humans. Instead, they seek willing volunteers who allow them to feed on their blood supply in exchange for the endorphin high humans receive when they...

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