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Athens and Sparta were two of the main Greek city-states in 6th century B.C. Athens was a very intellectual and cultural city while, in contrast, Sparta was rigidly disciplined and militaristic. Athen... Read more
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Two of the most powerful and rivalry city-states in Ancient Greece were Athens and Sparta. Athens was a city of immense culture and contributed largely to the arts, whilst Sparta was a military po... Read more
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The four main parts of the Spartan political system that ruled over the population were the Dual Kingship, Ephors, Gerousia and the council of the Apella. The population was divided into three separat... Read more
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Athens, Sparta and the US have a lot in common and a lot of differences. The differences including the rights of women and their Education policies in Athens and Sparta made me decide to pick the US a... Read more
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The Spartan government was an odd affair, although its main characteristic is its potential to create and maintain stability and equality of good order (eunomia). Unlike Athens and other parts of Gree... Read more
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If I had to choose which one was better, Athens or Sparta, I would say Athens. I would pick Athens because the Athenian boys and girls were treated better than in Sparta and they also got education, t... Read more
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I would like to tell you a bit about the general topic of children and why considering this case. You might want to choose Athens over Sparta. There is no doubt that the children of Athens were more s... Read more
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The statement above, accurately describes the government of Sparta. The Kings, in Sparta, were regarded important, but their authority was somewhat restricted. The common folk class, consisting of the... Read more
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Topic: How did the Spartan society differ from the Athenian society? Contrast their values (culture), their government (political) and lifestyle. Spartans and Athenians differ greatly in their valu... Read more
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Sparta and Athens: Two Worlds Apart Sparta and Athens; two great and illustrious Greek nations that were very deviant, but yet so similar. Some of the differences they had were the upbringing of chi... Read more