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Korea, Republic of (Rok) Republic of Korea Taehan Min-guk CAPITAL: Seoul FLAG: The flag, called the T'aegukki, shows, on a white field, a central circle divided into two parts, red on top and d... Read more
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Korea, South The Republic of Korea, or South Korea, occupies the southern half of a peninsula in the northeastern part of the Asian continent. Directly to the west of South Korea, and across the Yello... Read more
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South Korea POPULATION 48,324,000CHRISTIAN 24.2 percentBUDDHIST 23.3 percentCONFUCIANIST 1.0 percentSHAMANIST 1.0 percentWONBULGYO 0.3 percentCHEONDOGYO 0.2 percentOTHER RELIGIONS (INCLUDING DAEJONGGY... Read more
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