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Suzy Krause

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Sorry I Missed You Overview

In Elena Krause's novel Sorry I Missed You, four people deal with the grief of losing something they cannot get back. When Larry's aunt dies, he inherits her house, but the house comes with several strange stipulations. He is not allowed to enter the attic, he is not allowed to sell the house, and he is not allowed to play his beloved punk music inside. Instead of dealing with all the strange requests, he rents the house out to three women who have had someone disappear from their life without warning: Sunna, Maude, and Mackenzie. When a mysterious letter arrives, half ruined, each of the housemates hopes that the letter is from her own personal ghost. As they attempt to find out who wrote the letter, the women forge new bonds and grow close. Along the way, the novel explores themes of aging, ghosts, closure, guilt, and the importance of belonging to a larger community.

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