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Son Overview

Son is the final novel in The Giver quartet written by award-winning author Lois Lowry. The narrative tells the story of Claire, a young girl who lives in an isolated community strictly controlled by those in power and devoid of color, emotion, and family bonds. When she turns 12, Claire is told that her role has been defined as that of Birthmother, which means that she will be inseminated and will produce a maximum of three children, who will immediately be taken from her in order to be given to an approved couple. When Claire's delivery of the first child is a difficult one, she is deemed unfit to continue in her role and is assigned a job in the Fish Hatchery instead. It is at this point that Claire realizes that there has been a mistake in the transition and that she is no longer being given the pills forced upon every community member. As Claire's emotional self begins to awaken and she finds her attachment to her child growing ever stronger and more insistent, she decides to undertake a dangerous quest to be reunited with her son, no matter the cost. The narrative includes themes such as secrecy, control, the price of love, nostalgia, and family bonds.

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