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Sometimes a Great Notion Summary
Ken Kesey

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Sometimes a Great Notion Summary

Plot Summary

This innovative novel tells the multi-generational story of the Stampers, a lumber family in Oregon. Throughout the novel, tension-filled relationships within the family are echoed by the relationship the family has with a nearby town and its citizens, most of whom harbor generations-old resentments of the Stampers. More important than the novel's substance, however, is its style. Narrative voice and perspective shifts frequently between time periods and between characters, creating the thematically-relevant sense that there is no core truth, only interpretations of events.

The novel begins with a scene of confrontation. Union organizer, Draeger, arrives at the Stamper family home to confront Hank Stamper, who seems to have gone back on a deal he made with the union. After being confronted with a powerful symbol of the Stamper family's contempt, Draeger seeks out Hank's wife, Viv. He finds her in a local bar studying a family photo album...

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