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Soil, Chemistry Of The chemistry and fertility of soils have been of concern to humans since ancient times. One of the earliest books to correctly identify the soil as the source of plant mineral nutr... Read more
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Soil, Physical Characteristics Of Soil physical properties are those related to the size and arrangement of solid particles, and how the movement of liquids and gases through soils is affected by the ... Read more
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Buried Soil Buried soil is soil that appeared on the surface of the earth and sustained plant life but because of a geologic event has been covered by a layer of sediment. Sediments can result from vo... Read more
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Clod A compact, coherent mass of soil varying in size from 0.39–9.75 in (10–250 mm). Clods are produced by operations like plowing, cultivation, and digging, especially on soils that are... Read more
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Edaphic Refers to the concept that soils have influence on living things, particularly plants. For example, soils with a low pH will more likely have plants growing on them that are adapted to this le... Read more
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Soil Soil is the unconsolidated mineral material on the immediate surface of the earth that serves as a natural medium for the growth of land plants. Soil is found on all surfaces except on steep, r... Read more
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Soil Consistency The manifestations of the forces of cohesion and adhesion acting within the soil at various water contents, as expressed by the relative ease with which a soil can be deformed or rupt... Read more
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Soil Organic Matter Additions of plant debris to soils will initiate the build up of organisms that will decompose the plant debris. After decomposition the organic material will be called organic mat... Read more