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Snow Country Summary
Yasunari Kawabata

Everything you need to understand or teach Snow Country by Yasunari Kawabata.

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Snow Country Summary

Plot Summary

The story opens with a man named Shimamura on a train bound for a resort town in the snow country of Japan. Shimamura is taken by the girl's voice, which he says rings out clearly. The woman is accompanied by an ill gentleman. The man's name is Yukio and he is the son of a music teacher in the village where Shimamura is bound. The woman's name, he will later learn, is Yoko.

Shimamura is headed to a hot spring resort town where he hopes to see a geisha he met on a previous trip. Her name is Komako and she is not yet a licensed geisha when he first meets her. He is entranced with her cleanliness but decides he would rather simply remain friends with her, looking ahead to the possibility of future visits to the town with his family. However, he is not interested in...

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