Snapshots Summary
Norma Klein

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Snapshots Summary

Snapshots is a sensitive novel about two thirteen-year-old boys, Marc Campbell and Sean Abrahms, who find themselves in what appears to be very serious trouble when some pictures they take of Marc's eight-year-old sister, Tiffany, are turned over to the district attorney's office as child pornography. Marc feels that his sister would make an excellent model. To convince his parents, Sean and Marc photograph Tiffany wearing a bikini. Both boys are in the photography club at school, and both are excellent photographers. To take the pictures, they use Marc's father's extremely good camera without telling him, so Mark's father does not know that the pictures are on the roll of film in the camera. He is very surprised and puzzled when he gets a call from the New York District Attorney's office saying that there are some pictures that may involve child pornography on the roll of film...

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