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Small Gods: A Novel of Discworld Summary
Terry Pratchett

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Small Gods: A Novel of Discworld Summary

Plot Summary

In Terry Pratchett's Small Gods, the God Om rises from his existence as a lowly tortoise back into godhood. His disciple Brutha rises with him, becoming the leader of a newly enlightened nation.

Outside the Omnian Citadel at Kom, Novice Brutha's gardening duties are interrupted by a talking tortoise. The animal claims to be the Great God Om himself, trapped in the form of a reptile. Brutha is dubious, but nevertheless quickly develops a friendship with creature. Meanwhile, the oppressive "Quisition," lead by exquisitor Vorbis, has caused so much grief in Omnia that a secret society of revolutionaries has arisen called the Society of the Turtle.

Hearing of Brutha's photographic memory, Vorbis drafts the novice for a delegation to Ephebe. While waiting to leave, Brutha notes a group of Divine Legionaries mustering separately. Vorbis advises the novice to forget that he saw anything. During the trip to Ephebe...

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