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Sleep, Dreaming, and Drugs The use of "mind-altering" drugs and intoxicating drinks to hasten the onset of sleep and to enhance the experience of dreaming is a worldwide phenomenon and g... Read more
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Sleep SLEEP, as a periodic, recurrent state of inactivity and altered consciousness, marks a boundary line in human experience. However sleep is culturally evaluated and understood, it is a state quit... Read more
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Sleep Sleep is a natural state of rest that is as essential to a person's well being as food and water. Without enough sleep, the ability to perform even simple tasks declines dramatically. Sleep is e... Read more
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Sleep Sleep is a state of physical inactivity and mental rest in which conscious awareness, thought, and voluntary movement cease and intermittent dreaming takes place. This natural and regular phenom... Read more
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Sleep The natural, periodic suspension of consciousness needed to revive the body. There is no one acceptable pattern of sleep for all children. As a child develops from infancy through childhood and ... Read more