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Silk Summary
Alessandro Baricco

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Silk Summary

Plot Summary

Hervé Joncour travels the world buying silkworm eggs and eventually travels as far as Japan. He buys eggs from Hara Kei, a French-speaking nobleman. Joncour falls in love with his mistress. During his second visit to Japan, Joncour learns about the aviary of exotic birds that Hara Kei has built; he leaves a glove for Hara Kei's mistress to find in a pile of clothes. Hara Kei's mistress gives him a love note written in Japanese that says, "Come back, or I shall die."

During Joncour's third visit to Japan, Hara Kei's mistress releases the birds from the aviary. Joncour and Hara Kei's mistress have sex by proxy. Hara Kei conducts the silkworm egg transaction via an associate and does not say goodbye when Joncour leaves. When it is time for Joncour to make a fourth trip to Japan, war has broken out. He finds Hara Kei's village...

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