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Abandoning the route taken by every fairy tale, Disney cartoon, and animated adventure, Shrek embeds itself in the memories of its viewers by treading in a direction never taken by a movie of its Genr... Read more
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The movie Shrek can be looked at in many different perspectives, it can be seen as a kid's movie with lots of kids humor or an adult movie with lots of adult humor. The producers did this so the movie... Read more
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Hosted by DreamWorks, Shrek conveys a great value of love and friendship. Shrek (voiced by Mike Myers) plays an ideal role of an ogre determined to get his swamp back. Meeting a blabbering donkey o... Read more
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Most fairytales contain a hansome heroic prince, a beautiful princess starnded in a high castle waiting for her true love and a huge, mean, blood thirsty beast. However 'Shrek' is not a traditional fa... Read more
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I have watch three movies. I have watched Shrek, Finding Nemo, and Brother Bear. All these movies were funny, exciting and good. Some had good animation and some didn't. The movies were like an hou... Read more