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The movies that we watched in class gave a really good understanding of the time period and life of the writers and their inspirations during the reign of Elizabeth. Although being from the same time ... Read more
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"Shakespeare in Love" was set in London, 1593. In the opening sequence, the camera has a downwards panning motion inside the Rose theatre which has a roof made of thatch and three floors. The Rose i... Read more
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"Shakespeare in Love", apart from being outrageously entertaining and somewhat far-fetched in places does do a terrific job in showing the roles of women in Shakespearean times. This is not only made ... Read more
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"It's all locked safe in here!" What does Will unlock in the course of the film" "It's all locked safe in here!" Will replies and taps his head when asked where his play is. Will (William Shakespeare... Read more
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The film Shakespeare in Love is an impressive story written by Marc Norman and Tom Stopard, directed by John Madden, and produced by Miramax Films. Leading actors, Gwyneth Paltrow, Joseph Finnes, and ... Read more
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The players include screenplays Mark Norman and Tom Stoppard, director John Madden, actors, Joseph Fiennes as Shakespeare, Gweneth Paltrow as Princess Viola De Lesseps, Judi Dench as Queen Elizabeth, ... Read more
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Mark Norman and Tom Stoppard's award-winning film "Shakespeare in Love" is a romantic comedy set in sixteenth century London. The movie provides a fictional account of the origination and inspiration ... Read more
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In the first scene twenty-odd Shakespeare discussed the plot of the one of his plays, that he had a great desire to write with Christopher Marlowe, the leading prolific playwright, the celebrity of th... Read more