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Sonnet 29 Summary
William Shakespeare

Everything you need to understand or teach Sonnet 29 by William Shakespeare.

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The Sonnets Summary


Shakespeareappears in All poems

There are no characters identifiable by name in these sonnets, except in a couple of instances noted below where Shakespeare juxtaposes his own name, "Will," with the use of "will," as a pun on willpower.

Roseappears in Sonnet 109

The only instance of a personal name, other than Will, is Rose who appears in the last line of Sonnet 109. Shakespeare says Rose is everything in the universe that matters to him. The reader can probably assume this is the name of his female lover.

Heartappears in Many poems

Since these are poems of love, the heart motif almost assumes the role of a character. Not only his own heart, but also those of his lover(s) are major driving forces in many of the sonnets. Sonnet 24: "Mine eye hath played the painter and hath steeled/Thy beauty's form in table of my heart...

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