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Seven against Thebes Summary

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Seven against Thebes Summary


Seven Against Thebes was first staged in 467 B.C., as part of a tetralogy that includes Lauis, Oedipus and the satyr play, Sphinx. The first two plays in the trilogy have been lost, as has the satyr play. Seven Against Thebes, the story of the conflict between Eteocles and Polyneices, the sons of Oedipus, won Aeschylus a first prize at its initial performance. Aeschylus could count on his audience knowing the story depicted in the tragedy without his having to fill in a lot of details. Epic poems told the story of the Oedipus tragedy and the battle for Thebes, and Greek audiences would know these stories very well. The challenge was not in the details of the story but in the poetic depiction. Aeschylus is celebrated for the poetic beauty of Chorus, and indeed, in the Chorus has a major role, with more lines than any other character...

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