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Seek Summary

Seek is presented as Rob Radkovitz's senior thesis, an autobiographical essay which, according to his teacher, "should probe the themes of your life, analyzing signal events and charting the influences of family, community, and your historical era on your development." Written in an unconventional format that resembles a playscript, Rob's essay focuses primarily on his non-relationship with the father who abandoned him before he was even born. Lenny Guidry was a disk jockey, and Rob grows up listening to both local and DX (distant) radio stations in hopes of encountering his father's voice. With the support of his mother, grandparents, and, later, his new friends at high school, Rob becomes involved in shortwave radio, establishes an underground newspaper, writes fiction, and starts a "pirate" radio station. In seeking his father's voice, Rob ultimately finds his own.

Although the story of Rob's emotional journey makes for an affective plot...

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