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Bedforms (Ripples and Dunes) Centimeter to meter-scale layering, or bedding, is a defining characteristic of sedimentary rocks. Non-horizontal depositional beds are called bedforms, and geologists ref... Read more
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Channel Patterns Channel patterns are types of sedimentary deposits formed by streams and rivers. Collectively, they are called fluvial deposits. Their shape and sediment characteristics are easily id... Read more
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Depositional Environments Landscapes form and constantly change due to weathering and sedimentation. The area where sediment accumulates and is later buried by other sediment is known as its depositio... Read more
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Sedimentation Sediments are loose Earth materials such as sand that accumulate on the land surface, in river and lakebeds, and on the ocean floor. Sediments form by weathering of rock. They then erode... Read more
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Suspended Load Suspended load consists of sediment particles that are mechanically transported by suspension within a stream or river. This is in contrast to bed or traction load, which consists of pa... Read more
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Sedimentation Sedimentation occurs when the velocity of flowing water is reduced, causing its load of suspended, insoluble materials to drop to the bottom (the faster water is flowing, the greater the... Read more
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Sediment A mixture of sand, silt, clay, and perhaps organic components. Soil eroded from one location and deposited in another is identified as sediment. The sedimentary fraction has the ability to ca... Read more
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Sedimentation The deposition of material suspended in a liquid. Sedimentation is normally considered a function of water deposition of the finer soil separates of sand, silt, and clay, but it may also... Read more
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Siltation The process or action of depositing sediment. Sediment is composed of solid material, mineral or organic, and can be of any texture. The material has been moved from its site of origin by th... Read more