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K. A. Applegate

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Search for Senna Summary

In Everworld, the gods of ancient mythologies live and rule over their human subjects, brought with the gods when they left the Old World, Earth. The natural laws that David, Christopher, April, and Jalil are used to shift and change in Everworld.

Gravity in particular behaves in mysterious ways. In Search for Senna, Everworld is faced with a terrible crisis: it is being invaded by a being that can consume the gods themselves, and they need a way to fight or escape this enemy who is more terrible than even the most terrifying of the gods. This becomes the problem of the four teens because Loki, Viking god of destruction, hoping to escape the invader, is scheming to use their friend Senna, a witch, to open a way back to the Old World so that the gods may return there and rule Earth once again.

An ordinary teenager...

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