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School Days = Chemin-d'ecole Summary
Patrick Chamoiseau

Everything you need to understand or teach School Days = Chemin-d'ecole by Patrick Chamoiseau.

  • School Days = Chemin-d'ecole Summary & Study Guide

School Days = Chemin-d'ecole Summary

Plot Summary

School Days is the story of the author's first year at school on the Caribbean island of Martinique. The little boy longs for school, but when he finally gets to go he finds that it is not what he hoped. At school he is expected to cast off everything Creole to embrace the French language and culture, which is supposedly the culture of his "betters." He is made to feel ashamed of Creole. Eventually, his teacher gives up on all but his favorite students, treating the others with undisguised racism. The little boy only manages to survive his school years by discovering his passion for books and literature.

The little black boy longs to go to school so that he will not be left out. He has seen his older siblings go and wants to join them. His mother buys him a satchel to quiet him down, and...

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