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Schismatrix Plus Summary
Bruce Sterling

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Schismatrix Plus Summary

Plot Summary

Schismatrix Plus by Bruce Sterling is a glimpse of what the future might hold for Earth and its inhabitants. Schismatrix Plus begins when Earth is dividing.

The desire for longevity and immortality gives the Mechanists a great deal of power as they artificially reproduce the portions that refuse to last as long as the mind. Eventually, this extends to the mind as well. Mechanists become wired, trading their organic minds for a wired version that no longer requires the body to survive.

For Shapers, it is the final blasphemy, and the stage is set for a struggle that will last lifetimes, pitting one side against the other. Shapers are the alternative to natural birth. Created in sterile environments, Shaper children are brought to life using DNA cloning techniques and are raised by inorganic instructors who see to their educational needs. Their genes are maximized for intelligence and will...

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