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Scaramouche Summary

Rafael Sabatini was skillful at combining political issues of high drama with the intense personal quests of the characters. This is as true in Scaramouche as it is in Captain Blood (1922), Bellarion the Fortunate (1926), or The Banner of the Bull (1915), to name but a few of his novels. Scaramouche focuses upon the French Revolution as The Carolinian (1924) deals with the American Revolution. While the Monmouth Rebellion sets in motion the plot for Captain Blood, it is the conclusion of Mistress Wilding (1910). Bellarion rises to eminence in the turbulent time of Cesare Borgia, and The Banner of the Bull is set during the same time. Within these dramatic times the characters strive for their own personal goals.

The French Revolution is more than merely a backdrop to the story of Scaramouche. Rather, it is at the core of the story — almost a character itself...

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