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Saved Summary
Edward Bond

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Saved Summary


Saved was first presented on November 3, 1965, at the Royal Court Theatre, London, as a private club production of the English Stage Society. The "club" designation was necessary because the Lord Chamberlain, the head of the Queen's household and the official censor of British theatre, had demanded such substantial alterations to the text before granting a license for performance that the Royal Court had decided to dodge the law in order to present the play as written and without a license. It had long been held that the Lord Chamberlain did not have authority over "private" club productions.

The production caused an uproar. On opening night there were shouts of outrage from the audience and physical violence in the foyers during the intermission and after the show. Saved explores the dehumanizing industrial environment and the moral emptiness of the working-class world of South London and the beastliness and brutality that...

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