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Madison Smartt Bell

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Save Me, Joe Louis Summary

Bell portrays alienated characters who find the modern world deficient in meaning and lacking in accepted values. His dominant theme is the alternative social order created by these misfits unable to adapt to the larger society. In Save Me, Joe Louis, customary social values have faded so far into the background that they have little direct effect upon Macrae, Charlie, or Porter.

Because Bell immerses the reader quickly and completely in the consciousness of these characters, the social establishment seems almost irrelevant, and the reader is caught up in the world of muggers, drug pushers, pimps, prostitutes, and robbers — where no laws of the larger society apply. Generally, the rule is "live and let live"; and in cases of offense or injury, the recourse is not to the law but to personal vengeance.

In the hierarchy of this alternative culture, each of these misfits has an individual...

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