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Salt: A World History Summary
Mark Kurlansky

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Salt: A World History Summary

Plot Summary

Salt is the history of the world told from the point of view of the only rock that we eat, which is salt. The scope of this book is epic in that it starts at the beginning of recorded world history and ends at roughly present day times.

The first several chapters in the first section of the book deal with the procurement and use of salt in the ancient world. The Chinese and the Egyptians were the first to use salt on a large scale. The Egyptians collected evaporated salt from the sea and the Nile and they used the salt in their food as well as an essential ingredient in preserving the body during mummification. The Chinese used evaporated salt to salt fish and to create a condiment that we still use, soy sauce. It was the Romans though, with their fish based diet that really...

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