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Running Out of Time Summary
Margaret Peterson Haddix

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Running Out of Time Summary

Plot Summary

Running Out Of Time by Margaret Peterson Haddix is a thriller for young adults. Jessie Keyser and other children her age believe she is living in Clifton, Indiana in 1840. A diphtheria epidemic attacks the children of Clifton and Jessie's mother is forced to reveal that the year is actually 1996. Jessie must go to the outside world to find help from a mysterious man named Mr. Neely. Ultimately, Jessie figures out a way to tell the world about Clifton and save her sick friends.

Jessie goes with her mother on a late night call to see the Bentons. Both of the Bentons' children have gotten sick. Ma tells Jessie that she should meet her at the Forbidden Rock after school tomorrow. At the end of school, Jessie's sister, Katie, has taken ill. Jessie meets her mother at the Forbidden Rock, where her mother tells her it is not 1840, it...

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