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Running After Antelope Summary
Scott Carrier

Everything you need to understand or teach Running After Antelope by Scott Carrier.

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Running After Antelope Summary

Plot Summary

"Running After Antelope" by Scott Carrier is the autobiographical account of his life-long fascination with the idea of running down an antelope on foot and capturing him without weapons. Counterbalancing that dream was Scott's struggle in his personal life and career and the rugged and risky life of a war correspondent in a world where weapons ruled.

Scott is six years old when he is awakened by his seven-year-old brother to go "hunting." His brother is intrigued and mystified by all creatures and captures a myriad of snakes, lizards and frogs that he finds in the area surrounding their Salt Lake City, Utah, home. His brother takes the creatures to the basement of their home and puts them in cages so he can study them. Scott's brother tells Scott that he figured out how to run farther and longer and that he feels he could run forever.


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