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Poul Anderson

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Roma Mater Summary

The nine witch queens of Ys have cast spells to lure an able leader to their city—someone who will replace the hated Colconor as king of the city and who will make a good leader. The city has a dark custom, dating back ages to the founding of the Nine; the king must always be an outsider, and he must defend to the death in handto-hand combat his right to be king against any challenger. With their psychic powers, the Nine foresee the arrival of Gratillonius, weaken Colconor with a night of sexual revels, and then place Gratillonius in the unwanted position of having to fight Colconor. A trained soldier, Gratillonius slays the strong but untrained Colconor and finds himself not only the prefect of Rome but the King of Ys.

His first mission is to make Ys strong enough to hold Armorica securely for Rome...

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