River's End Summary
Nora Roberts

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River's End Summary

In addition the themes discussed so far, River's End has much to say about the battle of the sexes, the nature of marriage, sexual obsession, and the fine line between nurturing and protective genuine love on the one hand and the obsessive, possessive passion that drives men to jealous excess, violence, and even murder on the other. These highly impassioned themes may be the stuff of much melodrama, but we should remember that they are also the stuff of much classical literature including such Greek tragedies as Oedipus and much of Elizabethan drama. The misapprehensions and ignorance of Oedipus and King Lear bring great suffering to the principals, but also bring wisdom to their witnesses. In the case of River's End, the power of the romance genre asserts itself in the form of the healing and transforming power of genuine love and creates a hopeful and redemptive conclusion...

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