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Vicki Grove

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Rimwalkers Summary

Grove's coming-of-age book takes a different look at traditional sibling rivalry. Fourteen-year-old Tory lives in the shadow of her younger sister, Sara, Miss Popularity of the sixth grade set. Shy Tory looks forward to spending the summer on her grandparents' farm and hopes she can spread her wings and be appreciated for herself, but Sara hates the thought of going to the country. She will miss her friends, cheerleading practice, the opening of the swimming pool, and the flattering attention of her peers to which she has grown very accustomed.

Also visiting the farm for the summer are two male cousins, Elijah and Rennie, who are searching for their places in life just as Tory is. The three of them team up to solve a family mystery, and they overcome initial obstacles to bond together and take risks in both their physical and emotional lives. The trio excludes...

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