Right on the Money Summary
Emma Lathen

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Right on the Money Summary

While the business deal at the center of Right on the Money involves large amounts of money, the focus is on the lust for power and the various stratagems to gain it at both ASI and the Ecker Company. Victor Hunnicut, the victim, is a study of naked ambition.

He has no private life, no hobbies other than fencing, and evaluates every move in terms of how it will affect his career.

His methods are underhanded, largely because, as his fencing instructor says, he has "no dash on the attack." His superiors at ASI and the chief victims of his malicious rumors are Phil Pepitone, right hand man to ASI's president and the prime mover behind the Ecker acquisition; and Sam Bradley, the head of ASI's research and development division who has failed to produce a winning product in years. Pepitone is notable for having worked his way...

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