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When the Titan's ran onto the field they made a statement far before the game started. Remember the Titan's tells the story of an American High School football team in the nineteen-seventies, but Prod... Read more
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Plot Summary: This movie is based on a true story. there are two schools, one black school and one white school. There are both closed down and have to be sent to one school called T.C. Williams ... Read more
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It's not easy to change an innate belief instantaneously. To change this belief, one may finds it extremely difficult as he/she is exposed to that belief since his/her life has began. It's as hard to... Read more
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There are two main ways in which people reinvent themselves. In the case of Boaz Yakin's `Remember the Titans' released in 2000, it explores reinvention through the community responding to certain cir... Read more
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Reinvention is a change people make, mostly in the hope of a positive result that takes them to a better place than before. It is a complex process which takes place naturally through personal develop... Read more