Reinhart's Women Summary
Thomas Berger

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Reinhart's Women Summary

Berger's Reinhart series began with Berger's first novel, and its composition has continued for nearly twentyfive years, with the possibility of fur ther additions ahead. The saga provides comic portraits of American society over a period of more than three decades, beginning with the first two Reinhart novels, which deal with Carlo Reinhart's experiences in postwar Berlin and in the ebullient America of 1946-1947. Vital Parts (1970), the third book in the series, presents a satirical picture of middle-aged and overweight Reinhart beleaguered by the social changes of the late 1960s, although the 1960s counterculture was the object of some of Berger's satire. In all the Reinhart novels, the hero is essentially good-natured and kind-hearted, despite some occasional forays into roguery and trickery. Reinhart's heroes are King Arthur's knight errants — whom Berger celebrated in Arthur Rex — and his own efforts to help others...

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