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Regeneration Summary
Pat Barker

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Regeneration Summary

Plot Summary

Pat Barker's Regeneration opens with Siegfried Sassoon's letter, "Finished with the War A Soldier's Declaration," in July of 1917. In his Declaration, Sassoon explains that the war, which was originally one of defense, has now become a war of aggression and conquest. He says that far too many of his countrymen have been killed in this war, and the government won't even announce their war aims. Sassoon feels the war should be stopped, and to this end, he refuses to fight anymore.

Sassoon is sent up to a medical board for a psychological examination after his letter but refuses to go. After talking to his friend and fellow soldier, Robert Graves, Sassoon agrees to go to the board, and with a little behind the scenes efforts by Graves Sassoon gets referred to Dr. Rivers at Craiglockhart for treatment for neurasthenia, or shell-shock.

There are several patients at Craiglockhart who...

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