Refugee (Alan Gratz) Summary
Gratz, Alan

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Refugee (Alan Gratz) Overview

Alan Gratz’s historical young adult fiction novel Refugee explores the lives and stories of three young adults: Josef Landau, Isabel Fernandez, and Mahmoud Bishara. Josef is a Jewish boy living in Berlin Germany, 1938; and in order to avoid concentration camps, his family plans to escape to Cuba. Isabel is a Cuban girl living in Havana 1994, and when her father becomes a target of the police, her family decides to escape by boat to the United States. Mahmoud is a Muslim boy in Aleppo Syria, 2015, and his family faces no other choice but to leave Syria when their home is destroyed by a missile. Though the three harrowing stories span multiple decades and countries, all three children face a world that treats them as invisible. This novel explores the themes of personal responsibility, home, and becoming an adult.

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