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Red Roses for Me Summary
Sean O’Casey

Everything you need to understand or teach Red Roses for Me by Sean O’Casey.

  • Red Roses for Me Summary & Study Guide

Red Roses for Me Summary


When Sean O'Casey's Red Roses for Me was first published in 1943, his native Ireland was in a state of turmoil. Disputes between employers and workers and Catholics and Protestants, especially in Northern Ireland, often led to violence, making life uneasy for many. Yet when he wrote his play, O'Casey chose to focus on a much earlier time, 1913, when conditions in the southern city of Dublin were similar. The play was comparable in style to O'Casey's other plays. In fact, from his first full-length play, The Shadow of a Gunman (first performed in 1923), O'Casey established himself as a realistic writer and one of the first Irish dramatists to explore the modern problems in Ireland. Though Red Roses for Me addressed the turmoil in Ireland, many critics single it out for its autobiographical connections. In fact, critics often cite O'Casey's second volume of autobiography, Pictures in the Hallway (1942), as a direct...

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