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Ready Player One Summary
Ernest Cline

Everything you need to understand or teach Ready Player One by Ernest Cline.

  • Ready Player One: A Novel Summary & Study Guide

Ready Player One: A Novel Summary

Plot Summary

Ready Player One is the first novel by writer Ernest Cline. This novel is about a young, poor teenager living in a future world where chaos reigns and most people forget their miserable existence by spending most of their time inside the virtual world of OASIS. This teenager, Wade, is one of millions of gunters, people hunting for the hidden Easter egg within the OASIS that was left by its creator, James Halliday, upon his death. The successful gunter will inherit Halliday's entire estate as well as controlling power over his company, Gregarious Simulation Systems. The task seems daunting, especially to a poor kid like Wade who has to access the OASIS on a cheap console issued by the school. However, sometimes intelligence is a much more powerful weapon than expensive equipment. Ready Player One is a fun and exciting adventure novel that not only takes the reader...

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