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R.U.R. Summary
Karel Čapek

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R.U.R. Summary


When Karel Capek's R.U.R. (the acronymic title is short for "Rossum's Universal Robots") was first performed in 1921, it became a major international success and made Capek an internationally known playwright. Although R.U.R. may appear slightly dated nearly eighty years later, the concerns expressed by the playwright are still interesting to modern audiences, and the play is still performed in regional theatres. Capek's drama is also responsible for coining a new word, "robot," which became an important fixture of Hollywood films, especially the B-films of the 1950s. The word "robot" is derived from the Czech word robota, meaning forced labor, but it was the topic of the play, that technology can imperil the world, that made the play controversial.

The problems this play deals with are not the realities of everyday life; instead Capek is exploring the larger issues of the human condition. With technology booming...

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