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Probability Probability measures the likelihood that something specific will occur. For example, a tossed coin has an equal chance, or probability, of landing with one side up ("heads") ... Read more
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Probability, Experimental The experimental probability of an event is defined as the ratio of the number of times the event occurs to the total number of trials performed. As a consequence of this def... Read more
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The Rise of Probabilistic and Statistical Thinking Overview The rise of probabilistic and statistical thinking is considered one of the most important accomplishments of nineteenth-century science. Pr... Read more
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Probability Probability is a quantity that describes the likelihood that an event will occur. If an event is almost certain to occur, the probability of the event is high. If the event is unlikely t... Read more
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Probability: History, Interpretation, and Application It is often said that something is "probably the case" or "probably not the case." The word probable comes from the ... Read more
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