Princess Daisy Summary
Judith Krantz

Everything you need to understand or teach Princess Daisy by Judith Krantz.

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Princess Daisy Summary

Princess Daisy points to the importance of private and public acceptance of the weakest as well as the best aspects of the self. The novel also points to the dangers of secrets, those horrific burdens which place one at the mercy of ruthless people.

The novel also explores the difference between healthy and destructive sexual relations, with the clear indication that any relationship which serves one at the expense of another is destructive, while mutually supportive relationships, even if not conventional, can be positive. Stash Valensky, Daisy's father, and his mistress of many years, the maternal Anabel, accept each other's faults, fulfill each other's needs, and succeed in creating an environment of stability to love and support Daisy in her early years.

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